Uncle Luke details inspiration behind ‘Warriors of Liberty City’ docu-series

If you think you know what Liberty City is all about, think again. A local music legend and an all-time sports hero are teaming up to shine a light on the neighborhood’s proudest achievement. Check out “Warriors of Liberty City.”

“Warriors of Liberty City” is a docu-series following a season of the Liberty City Warriors, a youth football program started by Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell of 2 Live Crew fame.

Luther Campbell: “The docu-series is more than just football. It’s going into these kids’ life unlike any other show, any other movie that I’ve ever seen.”

Luke grew up in Liberty City and started the program more than a quarter century ago. It’s produced a huge number of professional and collegiate players.

That’s only part of the story…

Luther Campbell: “People see the greatness of what Liberty City has to offer and our program and the football players that come out of Liberty City, but they don’t know what those kids go through.”

The series drives home everything the kids, parents, coaches and volunteers have to deal with.

Luther Campbell: “Everybody that sees it becomes emotional about it. They feel much more of a connection to the community.”

LeBron James is the show’s executive producer. Getting involved was a no-brainer for the basketball superstar.

Luther Campbell: “I mean when this was pitched to him, he automatically got it and he understood South Florida and how important football is to South Florida being a guy that spent a lot of time here playing for the Miami Heat.”

At last month’s South Florida premiere, everyone involved hit the red carpet for the night.

The six-part series gives viewers a glimpse of Liberty City they never had before.

Luther Campbell: “When people look at Liberty City, they look at it as a crime-ridden neighborhood, but then they’re gonna see some proud people.”

“Warriors of Liberty City” kicks off Sunday on Starz.

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