Twin sisters battle each other for music stardom in Amazon thriller ‘Nocturne’

Sibling rivalry can tear families apart. Good thing we don’t suffer from any of that here. Although, Alex, you gotta keep up with me!

Shireen, you better keep up with me! But first, let me introduce this interview I did with the stars of “Nocturne,” Amazon’s new thriller.

It’s probably the best story of the week here on Deco Drive, including yours!

Sibling rivalry is a blood sport in the new Amazon thriller “Nocturne.”

Picture this: You and your twin sister go to the same music school, except she’s a better pianist, she was accepted to Juilliard and she is more popular.

But Juliet, played by Sydney Sweeny, loses sympathy points when she relies on supernatural powers to help beat her sister, Madison Iseman’s character, Vivian, to the starring role in a senior competition.

Madison Iseman: “When Juliet gets a taste of what first place might be like, that’s when things get ugly.”

Really. Ugly. But, during our interview, it was only friendly competition.

Alex Miranda: “You’re both 23. You’re both hugely successful. But I want to know one thing that each of you does better than the other.”

Sydney Sweeny: “Oh! I think that! Wait, wait. I don’t know how intense you’re doing it, but I think you do your hair way better than me!”

Madison Iseman: “I was going to say you dress way better than me. Anytime Sydney brings anything out, I’m like…(Gasps). I, like, send pictures of you to my people and I’m like, ‘Make me look like Sydney.'”

Aww, two queens supporting each other; we love to see it! And rivalry aside, Sydney and Madison can relate to the big sacrifices their characters make for the arts.

Sydney: “Now I look back, and I’m like, ‘Wow. I didn’t go to a high school football game or a high school dance,’ and you are sacrificing a bit of your childhood to be able to work.”

Madison: “We go through it just as much as … maybe not just as much as our characters because they go a little further with it, but as far as the pain and want, I think both Sydney and I have felt that.”

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