Try your luck at Bitter Truth for St. Patrick’s Day

As luck would have it, St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. To celebrate, Deco found a spot serving up something magically delicious — and a night that’s deliciously free.

Lucky you — it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day.

And Bitter Truth in Miami wants you to celebrate in style.

Sarah Porter, bartender: “Bitter Truth is a pop-up concept that me and my partners have been taking around Miami for the last year and a half.”

This Brickell bar created a green drink that’s as unique as a four-leaf clover.

Sarah Porter: “What we came up with for St. Patrick’s Day is a really fun cocktail called Leprechaun Juice. It’s a blend of mezcal, fresh cucumber, some spicy things in there.”

This year, Bitter Truth is teaming up with St. Pat’s Wynwood for a St. Patrick’s Day bash.

Sarah Porter: “St. Patrick’s Day in Wynwood is the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party in Miami.”

And winning Bitter Truth’s contest could have you dancing an Irish jig.

Sarah Porter: “From the 12th to 16th, anytime you come into Bitter Truth in Brickell, you can order a Leprechaun Juice, and every time you purchase one of those cocktails, you have a chance to win an open tab at St. Pats in Wynwood.”

Here’s how it works. All Leprechaun Juice glasses come with a golden ticket. Some are blank and others will have you feeling the luck of the Irish.

Sarah Porter: “When you show up to St. Pat’s in Wynwood with your golden ticket, that’s your ticket to drink free all night long.”

And, there will be five golden tickets given out throughout the week.

Sarah Porter: “We have anything from high-end cocktails, and we have shots of Jameson. And we have some 24-ounce souvenir beers as well, that will be green beer, that are really fun.”

Alex Prisc, customer: “I’m loving it. It’s great. Free drinks. Can’t argue with that!”

Leprechaun Juice costs $12 at Bitter Truth — but if you win the golden ticket, it will be like finding the pot of gold at the end of the St. Patrick’s Day rainbow.


Bitter Truth
1111 SW 1st Ave #107
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 908-1117

St. Pat’s at Wynwood Marketplace
2250 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida 33127

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