Tori Spelling, other celebs compete for charity in new reality series

How far will a celebrity go to raise money for charity? Thanks to a new reality show, we’re about to find out.

Nineties drama queen Tori Spelling is just one of the celebs showing us the hoops she’ll jump through to win a competition.

Let’s just say Tori is making a vow to win.

Tori Spelling: “I’m here to slay and win.”

It’s a celebrity throwdown on TBS’ “Celebrity Show-Off.”

Tori Spelling: “Every week, five celebrities will literally make their own TV show.”

Ja Rule, Bella Thorne, Tori Spelling and other Hollywood heavy hitters compete in the reality show to raise money for charity.

Tori Spelling: “Hi, you guys. It’s Tori.”

Deco wanted to get the deets, so we talked to Hollywood royalty Tori Spelling.

Tori Spelling: “They are doing all kinds of things, from fun YouTube challenge shows, to Kevin Smith is doing a scripted sitcom, and Jason Mraz is doing music videos and different things.”

Each celeb decides what they want to do, and if enough fans like it, the star gets to stay in the competition.

The longer they stay, the more money they raise for charity.

Tori Spelling: “They gave us the iPhones and the lights, and you make it yourself in your home with whoever you are quarantined with.”

When it came to her first “show-off,” Tori was all in.

Tori Spelling: “I decided I wanted to do celebrations because of what is going on. We were missing weddings and baby showers and birthdays, and so I decided to virtually give them a piece of the party. This week I married a couple virtually.”

Can you imagine Tori Spelling helping you get hitched?

Tori Spelling: “I am an ordained minister, so I just reached out to Instagram and asked if anyone was missing their wedding and if they would like me to virtually marry them, and that’s how I found my couple.”

Tori used the couple’s wedding color scheme, added their favorite dessert and, along with her family, set up for the online I do’s.

Tori Spelling: “This is so amazing you could all be here today virtually.”

Since it is a competition, Tori brought out the big guns when it came to the couple’s favorite music.

Tori Spelling: “I just have to give you one more guest.”

Debbie Gibson: “Hi. Congratulations, you guys. It’s Debbie Gibson.”

Tori Spelling: “They loved music from the ’80s — Debbie Gibson, New Kids on the Block, so I brought in some celebrity friends to say hi to them.”

Tori said she’s playing for St. Jude’s, but in Hollywood, we know she’s also playing for bragging rights.

Tori Spelling: “I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

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