Tierra Santa Spa

Living in the Magic City can sometimes be a stressful experience. The traffic, the humidity, the noise — it can all get to be a little too much. We all feel the need to de-stress and find our center. Recently, Deco found the perfect place to do just that — shaman included.

Step into an oasis of relaxation and tranquility.

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “Tierra Santa Healing House is the first South American-inspired spa in the U.S. It’s set over the entire third floor of Faena Hotel Miami Beach.”

Tierra Santa, or “Holy Earth,” isn’t your typical spa. Instead, it’s a retreat for your body and soul.

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “We actually collaborated with a special shaman from Mexico to create all of our treatments.”

The shaman is a traditional healer who helped create some really unique experiences.

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “Especially our unique healing arts, which are two-hour services that are truly about connecting clients to nature and connecting clients to their own soul and their own mind.”

One such treatment is the Tree of Life, inspired by a massive tree on Faena’s courtyard. The two-hour service works on your entire body.

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “Our therapists were trained to do this very beautiful massage in the client’s Tree of Life, also using our seven different oils and also using sound and vibration during the treatment.”

Tobi Rae Hundley: “It was absolutely amazing. Totally wasn’t familiar with anything like that. They put the sound bowls at the sole of your feet, and at the base of your spine and rang the bowls and you felt a vibration from within. I didn’t want it to end. It was really, really enjoyable.”

The treatment starts at $400.

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “We invite clients to come in for a treatment and to stay for the day.”

And there’s plenty to do.

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “We do have Miami’s largest hammam. A hammam is actually the perfect combination between a steam and a sauna.”

There’s an aromatherapy steam room, an incredible waterfall shower…

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “We have a beautiful tepidarium for clients to relax and bring the body back to temperature. We have a beautiful sauna with orange essential oils.”

And an ice chamber to give your body a change in temperatures and strengthen your immune system.

Vivianne Garcia-Tunon: “There’s nothing better for your immune system than to do a contrast treatment, which is a hot, ice, hot, ice.”


Tierra Santa Healing House
3201 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(786) 655-5570

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