The Ultimate Traveling Companion

If I collected all of my special travel memories & awe-inspiring moments on the road and put them into one place, it would look and feel like a Boucle Bag.

When I caught my very first glimpse of a Boucle Bag, I was completely intoxicated by its originality. Yes, it actually made me HAPPY, something I talked a lot about in my first blog of the year: “A Fashionable Change.”

Purses don’t usually evoke emotion out of me; I mean, I’m a shoe girl, but this one? WOW. With its bold colors, yummy textures and individual styling, I could hardly ignore HOW it made me feel.

Boucle Bags aren’t just purses, they’re travel bags inspired by the Far East and one of the area’s creative customs: people write wishes on colorful tags and tie them around tree branches. Whether it’s love, health, success or happiness, those hopes and dreams are sent into the universe, leaving a kaleidoscope of fascination behind.

Not only does Boucle bring that beautiful tradition to life via fashion, it does it with exquisitely handcrafted quality. No two bags are alike and all that gobsmacking detail isn’t just reserved for the outside. Boucle Bags are roomy, sturdy and ready to help you chicly conquer your next destination: work, play, a long weekend getaway or how about that trip you’ve always dreamed of?

Speaking of…

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to truly express the impact traveling the world has had on my heart. My first golden sunset in Australia, the incredible visual impact of Hong Kong’s cityscape, the lush green rolling hills of Scotland and the rich architecture and opulence of Russia. I can’t wait for my next exciting adventure and you can bet my new Boucle Bag will be right there with me and that’s why “The Ultimate Traveling Companion” is one of my Favorite Things.

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“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” —Mary Anne Radmacher

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