The Melting Pot in Miami gives customers fondue to go

I have been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables lately and figured out I would like them more if they were covered in cheese and chocolate.

Since I haven’t quite perfected my portable chocolate fountain, we found the next best thing.

It’s oooey, it’s gooey and it’s perfect for dipping.

It’s fondue from The Melting Pot in Miami.

Ian Ruppel: “Fondue technically means to melt, so that is why we melt cheese tableside and melt chocolate tableside.”

The restaurant is known for guests getting their fondue dunk on at the table, but things are a little different these days.

For the first time, the Melting Pot created a grab and go option.

Ian Ruppel: “Melting Pot To Go is a three-course option with cheese, salad and chocolate to be enjoyed at home and reheated at home if they like.”

You can buy the courses separately, or for $26 a person, get a three-course meal deal.

Ian Ruppel: “One of the questions we get all the time is, ‘Do I need a fondue pot to do this at home?’ and the answer is no.”

Each course serves two people. Just pick your type of cheese; they’ve got spinach artichoke, Wisconsin cheddar, fiesta, loaded baked potato and classic Alpine.

Ian Ruppel: “The cheese comes with French bread, honey wheat bread, pretzel bread, apples, celery, carrots and broccoli.”

Then it’s time for chocolate.

Ian Ruppel: “The chocolate fondue course comes with brownies, blondies and pound cake, waffles, Rice Krispies treats, marshmallows, strawberries and apples.”

You can’t mess this up. They even give you instructions and skewers for dipping.

Ian Ruppel: “We prepare it in a microwaveable container. Just a 15-second zap will bring it back to the point where it’s hot enough to enjoy.”

Ricardo Pizzi: “It’s actually pretty awesome because I love this place, and I love coming here, so having a to-go option is great, especially now. I can just come in, pick up my favorite cheese chocolate salad and head out.”


The Melting Pot

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