It’s the un-masking we’ve all been waiting for. Season five of “The Masked Singer” wraps up tonight.

But first, who will walk away a winner? And who will have to ‘take it off’!!

Porcupine: “We don’t even talk anymore.”

It’s been a season of superstar performances.

Porcupine: “We don’t even know what we argue about.”

And sex-aaayyy ones, too. But at some point, everyone has to “take it off.”

Nick Cannon: “Take it off! Oh, my God Tyrese, movie star…”

Love me some Tyrese!
But tonight, the final three go mask-to-mask.

Swan: “Now, take me into your loving arms…”

It could be a swan song for this pretty bird. All season she’s been a feathered fan favorite.

Piglet: “There must be something in the water.”

Piglet isn’t bacon’ it. He’s the real deal.
He may just slaughter the competition.

Chameleon (rapping): “Can’t (rapping) pick her up.”

Then again, a colorful Chameleon…
That’s a rapping reptile I can definitely see winning.

On last week’s show, judge Jenny McCarthy got a major shock when her hubby, Donnie Wahlberg, blew his own cover as Cluedle-Doo.

Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg: “I’m still in shock. In fact, I make him watch the episode over and over again. I was like, ‘That guy looks like Donnie,’ and I was like, ‘No, that doesn’t make sense. He’s in New York shooting “Blue Bloods,'” and my knees went out.”

Performing in his Cluedle-Doo costume was no joke for Donnie.

Donnie Wahlberg: “For all the artists who’ve been on there, and some of them aren’t actually singers, I, I have so much more respect for them now.”

The Yeti was also unmasked, revealing rapper, singer and songwriter Omarion. He says, his costume was a killer.

Omarion: “My mic is falling off, I gotta put my helmet on, my arms are 10 feet long, but it was a great experience and I really enjoyed myself.”

LeAnn Rimes, who won season four, will join the judging panel for the finale of season five.

Seashell (singing): “Tell me something good.”

I’ll tell you something good. The top three are more than just terrific.

Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg: “Piglet, Chameleon and Black Swan, they’re amazing, talented professional singers, so, when you watch the finale, you guys at home are gonna be like, ‘Oh, she’s right. This is tough.’ One will shine through and you’ll see.”

Whoever takes home the Golden Mask, a good time will be had by all. Wait, how many nesting dolls were there again?

Will it be Black Swan, Chameleon, or Piglet? The final masks drop in just a few minutes right after Deco.

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