The Forge celebrates National Lobster Day

There are many holidays celebrated during the month of June — Flag Day, Father’s Day — but none are as tempting or as delicious as National Lobster Day. It’s this Wednesday, and Deco found the perfect place to celebrate: The Forge on Miami Beach.

When it comes to delicious decadence, nothing compares to lobster and champagne. Thanks to The Forge on Miami Beach, you can indulge in style.

Justin Maas, manager at The Forge: “So, for National Lobster Day, Chef Julia has really outdone herself. She’s created an amazing lobster bisque that she’s gonna feature, as well as our lobster entrée.”

Chef Julia Doyne has just one crustacean on her mind, and she’s serving it up three different ways.

Julia Doyne, executive chef, The Forge: “We are doing a coconut lobster bisque with butter toasted baguette, coconuts, avocados and a whole, one-pound lobster. There’s a two-pound Maine lobster on the menu. You can get it any night of the week, and there’s a fried lobster baked potato.”

That’s right: succulent lobster, inside a baked potato.

Julia Doyne: “You get a whole, one-pound lobster, lobster bisque, pickled onions and some breadcrumbs.”

Customer: “Delicious, absolutely delicious.”

Chef Julia’s menu is one of a kind, and so is she. She’s the first ever female executive chef at The Forge.

Julia Doyne: “It’s very cool. Being the first female chef is pretty legendary. I hope a lot of young women look up to me and know that they can do it, too.”

Justin Maas: “Definitely amazing, and her energy is amazing, so it was definitely a great fit for the restaurant with the history that we’ve had.”

So whether you have it grilled, steamed or served in a potato, National Lobster Day is gonna be delicious!

Julia Doyne: “The people, they just love to eat it. It’s buttery, it melts in your mouth, and everybody just treasures lobster.”

The Forge
432 W. 41st St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-8533

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