Oscar’s fashionable stars showcase bold designs

Yes, there was the whole Best Picture flub at the Oscars last night, but who cares about all that stuff? Let’s talk about what you were really watching — Oscars fashion.

Marcela Isaza, AP Entertainment Reporter: “Oscars is definitely the Super Bowl of fashion. A lot of people are interested in who’s going to win Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture, but really, everybody wants to see what is everybody wearing.”

The stars put their best fashion forward at Sunday’s Academy Awards, and it was all about practical styles.

Marcela Isaza: “Very stylish, but very practical. I think this is the first awards season or first Oscars that we see where women were practical.”

Viola Davis was the leading lady in red.

Marcela Isaza: “That beautiful red looked amazing.”

But she wasn’t alone, and there was plenty of sparkle, too. Emma Stone and Jessica Biel were bold in gold.

Others, like Scarlett Johansson and Octavia Spencer, opted for more whimsical looks.

Marcela Isaza: “Hailee Steinfeld was in a very princess-like gown.”

Hollywood’s finest covered up with long sleeves and dared to bare a little leg. And when it came to their hair, it was all about looking effortlessly chic.

But not to be outdone — the guys.

Michael Strahan: “Gotta say, nice suit.”

Dwayne Johnson: “Thank you, you too brother.”

Michael Strahan: “The velvet brothers.”

Dwayne Johnson: “Yes, the velvet brothers, yes.”

It was all about blue velvet, as seen on Dwyane Johnson.

Samuel L. Jackson also got word of the trend.

Ryan Gosling went with subtle details, while others went for a dapper look in white jackets.

And Pharrell, who took accessorizing to a different level with his Chanel necklace.

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