Sometimes I secretly wish I owned a restaurant. I’d hire a great chef and serve tasty, unpretentious food. Food that makes you smile when you take a bite. And because I am a lover of all things vintage the decor would have to have that retro, throwback kinda vibe. I’d walk around the dining room and just chat with all my diners making sure everybody felt at home. My restaurant would be very much like The Continental, the new joint on Miami Beach by famed restaurateur Stephen Starr.

The menu features globally inspired creative dishes meant for sharing but I had no intention of sharing the cheese steak egg roll ($16). Yes, it is what it sounds like. A crispy egg roll stuffed with a Philly cheese steak and served with Sriracha ketchup. It’s savory and crispy and just perfect. It’s sliced in bite sized pieces and, sadly, I only had one (not sure WHAT I was thinking!) but I could have eaaaaasily eaten the whole damn thing and called it a night. It blew me away. The sizzling seafood wor bar ($25) features lobster, shrimp, and scallops served in a cast iron pan with sizzling garlic sauce and white rice to soak up that sauce. The Korean fried chicken ($22) is served in a spicy soy-garlic "lacquer." Think of it as BBQ chicken wings only better. Way better. And last but not least you can be your own "Iron Chef" and build-your-own sushi ($26) with tuna, salmon, sushi rice, toasted nori and veggies served in a bento box.

Honestly, I can’t wait to have the cheese steak egg roll again, and again, and again. And if you happen to be there and see me walking around the dining room asking you if you’re enjoying your meal just play along.

Belkys’ Best Bite: cheese steak egg roll

The Continental (adjacent to Aloft Hotel)
2360 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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