The Black Widow and the Penguin get booted from ‘The Masked Singer’

It has been three long weeks since anybody’s been unmasked on “The Masked Singer.” Last night gave us double the excitement with the Black Widow outed, and the Penguin sent waddling home.

It wasn’t just one masked singer taking it off Wednesday night. It was two. First up? The Penguin.

Actress and comedian Sherri Shepard was unmasked!

Also getting the least amount of live audience votes? The Black Widow.

Actress and singer Raven Simone was unmasked.

Those still left in the guessing game are the Rottweiler. He “ruff’d” up the competition and is definitely one of the best singers on the show.

Then there’s Trees who’s got major soul. Trees belted out Aretha’s “Freedom” or would that be ‘Tree-dom?’

This flower was bloom-iiiing. Sounds a lot like Fantasia Barrino — just a guess.

Is the fox, Jamie Foxx? I say, yes.

He wasn’t just singing. Dance break, anyone?

The Butterfly spread her wings with a little Nora Jones, and last but not feathery least, the Flamingo was definitely enough and could walk away this season’s big winner.

The new episode of “The Masked Singer” returns Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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