‘The Alienist’ returns to TNT for Season 2 Sunday night

(WSVN) - Here’s your trivia for the day. Psychologists used to be referred to as “alienists.” Now there’s a popular TV series called “The Alienist,” and it’s back for a second season. Deco dished with the cast.

Dakota Fanning (as Sara Howard): “We’re running out of time.”

It’s the turn of the century in New York, and someone has kidnapped a diplomat’s infant daughter.

Luke Evans as John Moore in “The Alienist”: “It’s been some time since all three of us have been together.”

Daniel Brühl is the alienist. In Season 2 of the TNT crime drama, he’s teaming up again with a journalist played by Luke Evans and a private detective named Sara played by Dakota Fanning.

Dakota Fanning: “We just get to see more of her being a very progressive, modern woman in a sometimes old-fashioned time.”

We think it’s safe to say 1897 is definitely old-fashioned.

Dakota Fanning: “Really, what they had mostly to work on was the analysis of human behavior and of the human mind, which as we know, is still such a mystery.”

But now she has more help.

Since we last saw Sara, she’s opened up her own agency.

Dakota Fanning: “She has other young women that are working with her, and she’s sort of a mentor to. I got some more lady energy this season, which I appreciated!”

The cast also appreciates the attention to detail to make viewers feel like they’re in a different time period.

Luke Evans: “From the sets, from the back lot, to Sara Howard’s office, to you know, the costumes themselves and even the accessories and props that we use.”

Fanning though, is cool with leaving some of the costumes in the past.

Dakota Fanning: “I’m super happy I don’t have to wear that on a daily basis to sort of be socially acceptable.”

Season 2 of “The Alienist,” called “Angel of Darkness,” premieres Sunday night on TNT.

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