If you’ve ever wandered around Wynwood, you know how cool street art can be. It’s even cooler when that art is plastered on the sails of boats doing crazy stunts. It gives a whole new meaning to the term: “art for sail.”

Mix hip street artists with the freestyle talents of young sailors, and you get the Street Art Regatta.

Clare Vickery: “It’s an opportunity to exhibit interactive art in a visual way both on the water and to showcase some of the region’s and actually the nation’s top competitive sailing teams that are coming right out of Fort Lauderdale.”

These boaters use the intracoastal waterway at the Lauderdale Yacht Club as their own personal playground.

Clare Vickery: “We have competitive youth sailing teams competing against each other to sort of outdo each other in the spins and the maneuvers and the tacks.”

With the wind blowing into all the colorful sails, it’s an art show like no other.

Clare Vickery: “And a lot of the young up and coming sailors can take the beautiful printed sail versions of the artwork on the water. The images look as though they’re dancing on the water and spinning.”

Seeing her work on a sail instead of a wall is a brand-new experience for local artist Didi Contreras.

Didi Contreras: “I’ve never had anything like painted on a sail before, never had anything floating on the water like that, and I feel so excited already.”

Didi’s one of six local female artists who combined to turn out this beauty.

Didi Contreras: “We quickly came up with an idea, and then we tried to incorporate everybody’s style into the piece. My part of it is the girl on top of the dolphin, the ballerina girl and also the fish and the butterfly so mostly all the pink.”

From the pink in the painting to the blue of the water, take it from a sailor, you’ve just gotta regatta.

Jake Taubman: “It’s really about expressing art right. It’s sort of a dance on the water, almost like a ballet of sorts. I’m glad that I get to represent the art on my sail.”


Grace Arts Center

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