Stars of ‘The New Mutants’ introduce themselves as film hits theaters

Movie theaters are reopening, and “New Mutants” are moving in. A new movie based on a Marvel comic hit theaters today. If you’re unfamiliar with these superpowered teenagers, they’re here to introduce themselves.

Alice Braga (as Dr. Reyes): “You’re not alone, not anymore. Do you know what mutants are?”

A new team of superheroes is coming of age in “The New Mutants.”

Alice Braga (as Dr. Reyes): “Would anyone like to share their first time?”

Let’s meet the mutants.

Maisie Williams: “I play Rahne Sinclair, and she, her kind of like mutant name is Wolfsbane, and she is almost like a werewolf. She can go half human, half wolf, and then, she can turn full wolf, and that was played by a dog and not me.”

Blu Hunt: “I play Dani Moonstar whose superhero name is like Mirage, and I create mirages. I can make people’s nightmares, their worst fears come to life physically, and they’re not real, but it can actually, like, kill you, if you just touch it, and I also have a giant demon bear, and that was played by a CGI green head.”

Charlile Heaton: “I play Sam Guthrie, who is from Kentucky, whose mutant name is Cannonball, and he can project himself through sky in an impenetrable force field.”

Henry Zaga: “I get hot headed, and I explode. No, well, I emanate and absorb solar energy and can transform it into strength.”

Alice Braga: “My character’s Dr. Cecilia Reyes, and she, her power’s to be able to put force field around herself to protect herself or around her people.”

Anya Taylor-Joy: “I am Illyana, aka Magik. I can teleport. I am also the queen of a hell-dimension named Limbo, and I have a really cool armored arm that is connected to a sword, which gets more powerful every time I kill somebody, and I get a dragon.”

Charlie Heaton (as Sam Guthrie): “That thing will kill you!”

Maisie Williams (as Rahne Sinclair): “He’s right, it’s magic!”

Anya Taylor-Joy (as Illyana Rasputin): “So am I.”

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