South Florida restaurants are bringing out special desserts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to love not just your significant other, but also, your dessert. We found a few desserts around town that are perfect to share for V-Day.

We’re falling in love with this behemoth this Valentine’s Day.

Would you just look at that?! You can find this monstrosity at Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream in South Miami.

Felipe Grabiel, Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream: “We have something called the Great Wall of Ice Cream. It is around five and a half pounds of ice cream. You get to choose your flavors. It ends up being around 36 scoops of ice cream.”

They’re piled into a tub, and once that gets neatly dumped out onto a tray, they add whipped cream, bananas, brownies and all kinds of toppings.

It’s the perfect dessert to share for V-Day.

Randy Prado, customer: “Definitely a challenge if you’re doing it by yourself. It helps to be with somebody else.”

Sugar Factory on South Beach has a milkshake that is insane!

Actually, it’s called the Hearts of Love Insane Milkshake.

Maria Bermudez, Sugar Factory: “We try to come up with a milkshake in every occasion during the whole year, and this time, thinking about love, we started thinking, of course, red colors, hearts, strawberries.”

The glass is coated with delicious red ganache, and the milkshake itself is cookies and cream.

Then, you’ve got chocolate-covered strawberries and a heart-shaped Rice Krispie added on.

Maria Bermudez: “It’s fun to see people share one milkshake with two straws and having a nice time.”

Sugar Factory also has a smoking new Valentine’s cocktail called the Diamond Rosé Goblet.

Aramtxa Mujica, customer: “The cocktail was strong, but at the same time, really smooth. It was perfect.”

At Boulud Sud in downtown Miami, the grapefruit givre is turning grapefruit into a romantic dessert.

Luis Polanco, executive chef, Boulud Sud: “It’s something that’s kind of amazing, if you will. It’s something that you have the flavors, the textures. All of the components sync together.”

Those components include grapefruit sorbet, halva crumble and rose jellies topped with Turkish cotton candy.

It’s more of an experience than just a dessert. An experience to enjoy with your Valentine.

Shantelle Rodriguez, customer: “It was absolutely delicious. I feel like we had so much to explore. We identified different flavors that we both hadn’t realized yet, so it was definitely great to share.”

As if those desserts aren’t yummy enough, both Sugar Factory and Boulud Sud have special menus for Valentine’s Day.


Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream
8075 SW 67th Ave.
Miami, FL 33143

Sugar Factory
1144 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Boulud Sud
255 Biscayne Blvd. Way
Miami, FL 33131

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