South Beach hosts bar crawl for adult trick-or-treaters

South Beach can be a pretty spooky place any day of the year, especially Halloween. That is, of course, nothing a couple of adult beverages can’t take care of. A group of South Beach businesses is offering up scary good drink and food specials tommorrow for all Hallows Eve.

Don’t let anybody tell you you’re too old to trick-or-treat.

Wendy Chernin: “Trick-or-treating is not just for kids, it’s for adults, too!”

Hashtag: Adulting!

The Española Way Association on South Beach has put together what’s essentially a Halloween bar crawl.

Wendy Chernin, Española Way Association: “The street was recently renovated. It’s beautiful, pedestrian-only. And we wanted to make a fun and a safe place for everybody to come and enjoy Halloween.”

Translation: Eight different trick-or-treating destinations in the span of one block.

While one stop — the El Paseo Hotel — is giving out bags of candy, the others are all about food and drinks — especially the drinks.

And better yet…

Wendy Chernin: “Everything will be under $7, so we won’t break your bank.”

Seven bucks? On South Beach? I love the holidays.

Sip on mojitos at Havana 1957.

Daniel Gonzalez, bar crawler: “I really liked the mojito at Havana 1957. It was really delicious.”

Or if you dare, try this spooky concoction at Tapas y Tintos.

Wendy Chernin: “It’s all treats, no tricks there. They’re serving up a scary bloody sangria, and I assure you, it’s delicious.”

Meanwhile, Mercato Della Pescheria has appetizers to get some food in your system between all of the alcohol.

Great masks, guys.

And Papo Coffee’s got your dessert covered. Buy a specialty coffee, get a free Halloween cupcake.

Jordan Orriols, bar crawler: “I definitely think the coffee at Papo was great. I loved the way it looked and the way it tasted.”

Mare Mio, Kone and Oh! Mexico finish out this pub crawl, all with drink specials that will have you howling at the moon.

Wendy Chernin: “The fun is gonna start at 3 p.m. and go all night.”

And feel free to come dressed for the ocassion.

Wendy Chernin: “Since it’s South Beach, you don’t have to worry about looking crazy in a costume or anything.”

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