MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Whether you enjoy your ice cream in a cup or in a cone, it isn’t as interesting as the frozen treat being inspired and modeled as food.

Looks can be deceiving, and at Miami ‘N’ Ice on Miami Beach, their gelato will make you want to take a trip to Italy.

Katrina Priem, Miami ‘N’ Ice: “Miami ‘N’ Ice is an ice cream shop, a little different ice cream shop than a usual gelato place. We do rolled ice cream.”

Not only is it rolled, but it looks like spaghetti.

Katrina Priem: “We press the ice cream that we freeze first, through a kind of like potato press. It looks like spaghetti when it comes out. Then we put strawberry sauce, which is like tomato sauce, and coconut shavings on it like Parmesan cheese.”

If you’re in the mood for another topping, you can add a meat sauce made of crushed Oreos.

Danielle Wheeler, customer: “I think its really good. It’s a spin on your regular strawberry sundae, but with coconut and strawberries.”

You can even add ice cream to your taco Tuesday celebrations.

Katrina Priem: “Another savory looking product of ours is the Taco Ice Roll.”

Waffle cones are turned into taco shells and filled with an ice cream flavor of your choosing before adding toppings.

Katrina Priem: “We do them with different flavors and colors. Then we put a big ice cream roll inside so it looks like a taco roll.”

Prices depend on how many toppings are added on.

Sweet Servings Ice Cream Bar in Coral Gables has sweets inspired by a burrito.

Daniel Abreu, Sweet Servings: “The tinker is essentially a burrito made of cotton candy, filled with ice cream and your toppings of choice.”

Colorful cotton candy is spun before guests before they pick from over 12 flavors of ice cream and more than 24 toppings.

Daniel Abreu: “The toppings are unlimited.”

The sugary burrito is filled, rolled, sliced and ready to eat.

Daniel Abreu: “You are looking at a good 8 to 10-inch sized portion.”

You can get a tinker with Fruity Pebbles, marshmallows, sprinkles and birthday cake ice cream, or maybe go for strawberry cheesecake ice cream with M&M’s and potato sticks.

Ashley Hanson, customer: “Seriously, 10 stars. It’s amazing. I am sugar freak. I almost finished the entire thing. I highly recommend it.”

Tinkers start at $9 and are good for sharing — if you can agree on toppings.

Miami ‘N’ Ice
1214 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Sweet Servings Ice Cream Bar
3814 SW 8th St.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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