SoBe Wine and Food Festival’s ‘salty and sweet’ event caters to night owls

February in SoFlo means fun and food. This year the South Beach Wine and Food Festival has over 90 events. With that many, there’s something for every foodie. We know the old stand-bys, but it’s time to check out the newbie to the party.

Can you smell it? The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is around the corner.

This year, night owls rejoice — there’s an event for you.

Jeff McInnis, The Sarsaparilla Club: “Here at the Shelborne [Hotel] we are doing an amazing event called Salty, Sweet and Savory Treats. It’s a late-night soirée. It doesn’t start until 10.”

Friday night, bring your appetite, especially if you like a little salty, with a little sweet and a little savory.

One of the chef’s mixing things up is Chef Jeff McInnis of The Sarsaparilla Club.

Jeff McInnis: “We are doing what we do best. Lots of little, cool treats on our dim sum carts rolling around and having a good time.”

There will be dim sum, and then some — including Jeff’s famous fried chicken.

Jeff McInnis: “You will see fried chicken a lot of different ways at the event.”

Duke Oxendine, customer: “The chicken is fantastic. It has a nice coconut, limey taste to it, which is very unusual for fried chicken. So fantastic.”

The cost for this one? Less than $100.

Jeff McInnis: “All you can eat, all you can drink. Really glutinous, amazing event.”

Another chef out to dominate the event is Pastry Chef Max Santiago from The Salty Donut in Wynwood.

Carla Torres, customer: “He’s like the Santa Claus of donuts, and he always has something in his bags of tricks.”

Max Santiago, The Salty Donut: “For the Salty, Sweet and Savory event, I am making a surprise donut. I want to have something you can only get there.”

While Max wants to surprise your taste buds at the bash, he does plan to serve the classics.

Max Santiago: “We like to do not your typical flavors, like, off-the-wall stuff like our maple bacon and beer.”

But there are other creations you do-nut want to miss.

Max Santiago: “We are going to do fried chicken and donuts, so it’s going to be a big hit of the night.”


Salty, Sweet and Savory Treats: A Late Night Party
Shelbourne South Beach
Friday, Feb. 24
10 p.m. – 12 a.m.

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