‘So You Think You Can Dance’ returning judge talks dancing madness

“So You Think You Can Dance” is known for a couple of things — great dancers and Mary Murphy’s scream. The veteran judge is back on FOX’s hit reality dance show, and it’s like she never left.

After taking two seasons off, Mary Murphy and her hot tamale train are back at the judges table for season 14 of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Mary Murphy: “I travel all over the world and I see great dancing all the time, but for whatever reason on this show, there are always people that do something that I have never seen before.”

Mary is a former ballroom dance champion and has been with the show on and off since the beginning.

She knows talent when she sees it.

Mary Murphy: “The thing that gets the adrenaline pumping in me when I see something I think can’t be done or so special that it brings me to tears and I can’t control it, ’cause certainly I would like to control it. But I just can’t sometimes because it just affects me.”

“So You Think You Can Dance” contestants come from all over and have all sorts of dance training.

Mary Murphy: “There are quite a few dancers that don’t have the financial means to take all the different dance genres, so you do have to come in still a genius at what you do and then get the opportunity to come on the show.”

And this scream queen judge and dancing diva has a word to the wise: Don’t bet against inexperienced contestants.

Mary Murphy: “We had quite a few champions that were not trained dancers. And they were able to do that, how they did that? I have no idea but they did it.”

The dancing madness is really just moments away!

An all new “So You Think You Can Dance” starts right after Deco, right here on 7.

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