It’s that time of year when electronic dance music takes over South Florida. We’re talking about Miami Music Week and the Ultra Music Festival. Deco got a taste on South Beach at the SiriusXM Music Lounge.

The bass is pumping at the 1 Hotel South Beach. The SiriusXM Music Lounge is celebrating its 10th year.

Geronimo, Director of Programming: "This is our big kickoff event. We broadcast it live on the radio. For the first time ever it’s on its own channel on Sirius, Channel 18, and then we go to the festival and it’s three days there. This is what it’s all about."

Dutch house team W&W will perform on the beach stage. Then, they’ll head to Bayfront Park to perform at Ultra on Saturday night.

W&W: "For us it’s like one of the most exciting times of the year because everyone from the scene is over here. You see all of your friends that you normally only see once a year. So they’re all like, ‘Hey, wow, I haven’t seen you in so long!’ So, that’s always amazing.’"

If you can’t make it to the massive festival, or can’t deal with the crowds, catch the broadcast on SiriusXM.

W&W: "When we’re here in the U.S. we always listen to SiriusXM. Like they support dance. They’re the first to support our music as well, so we’re really happy with that."

DJ superstar Martin Garrix is set to close Ultra on Friday night. But before the insanity begins, Martin is relaxing, SoFlo style. We caught up with the DJ at the W South Beach.

Martin Garrix: "I love to just walk on the boardwalk and sit next to the beach in the mornings when the sky is beautiful."

Martin’s career has been a day at the beach. The 19-year-old just launched his own record label. It’s the stuff DJ dreams are made of.

Martin Garrix: "Two years ago I was a fan in the crowd, and then two years ago I DJ-ed on the main stage in the daytime, and then last year during the nighttime. Now, this year, we’re closing the main stage on Friday, which for me is crazy. I still can’t really believe it."

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