‘Shred your ex’ kick boxing at iLoveKickboxing

Getting over an ex on Valentine’s Day can be a drag. But you can get over that bad romance with a punch and a kick. It’s not what you’re thinking. Deco found a kickboxing gym inviting members to “shred their ex!”

Valentine’s Day is all about the romance, but if you’re not feeling it — feel the burn instead.

Deco hit iLoveKickboxing in Coconut Creek and got a preview of an anti-Valentine’s Day workout.

The fitness chain is inviting you to “shred your ex” — with your feet and your fists!

Erin Defreitas, instructor/manager: “Everybody gets to pick what they want to shred, and they put it up on the bag and during the bag rounds, they’re gonna to be able to look right at it and punch and kick.”

Erin Defreitas: “So it’s just kinda an extra motivation to have that staring at you while you’re hitting to really put that extra ump into your workout.”

Participant 1: “I’ll tell ya it felt really good. I was surprised how good it felt to to hit the bag with his face on it.”

Participant 2: “He abandoned me. He was my roommate, ex-roomate.”

And while you’re getting your frustrations out — you’re also getting a kick butt workout!

Erin Defreitas: “It is a complete and total body workout. It engages the muscles and that’s where you get the toning aspect in, even with stuff like front kicks and round houses, you’re constantly keeping that core engaged.”

These students aren’t just shredding exes, they’re knocking out stress, cancer, even the instructors.

Participant 3: “This is one of our instructors. I actually asked his permission if I could punch his face.”

Instructor: “I hold a hardcore class, so people usually wanna punch me at the end.”

If you’re ready to shred your ex — or just get shredded the gloves go on Feb. 13.

Erin Defreitas: “It’s three classes, $19.99 and you get a free set of real boxing gloves with that, so it’s a great deal just to try it out.”

What better way to get over a bad romance?


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