Only one more week until “Avengers: Infinity War” is finally here. But first things first, we’ve got three new movies hitting theaters this weekend — two comedies and a thriller. Here’s a preview in this week’s Showtime.

Amy Schumer (as Renee Barrett): “Oh my God. Do you see this? I’m beautiful!”

In “I Feel Pretty,” Amy Schumer is a woman who is insecure about her looks. But after hitting her head during a spinning class, she sees herself completely differently, and thinks the rest of the world does too.

When we chatted with Amy on South Beach, she told us confidence doesn’t come easy.

Amy Schumer: “I think it’s a constant battle and constant journey to feel good about yourself. In my career, actually being a producer on set or a director has given me real confidence.”

Paula Patton (as Brea): “They’re gonna kill us.”

Paula Patton is fighting for her life in “Traffik.”

She and Omar Epps star as a couple that’s terrorized by a biker gang during a weekend trip in the mountains. It’s always gotta happen in some remote location, doesn’t it?

Everyone’s favorite Vermont Highway Patrol officers are back — 17 years after they first rode into theaters.

In “Super Troopers 2,” the guys are lending their services to a French-Canadian town on the U.S.-Canada border that’s transitioning to become part of America. This task, of course, proves to be a challenge for the gang.

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