(WSVN) - Sure — spending time with family during a holiday weekend is good… But there is only so much family-time a person can take. That means it’s time to head to the movies to check out what’s in theaters this week.

Dwayne Johnson (as Maui): “Moana! I got your back. It’s Maui time.”

The rock gets animated in the new disney film “Moana.”

He plays Maui, a demigod who’s along for the ride as 16-year-old Moana goes on a mission to find herself.

The Rock tells Deco acting using only his voice wasn’t easy.

Dwayne Johnson: “It was a great challenge for me because it was a different muscle to exercise. It’s one thing when we’re just talking like this, but it’s another thing to really inject life into your voice.”

Brad Pitt (as Max Vatan): “Said you were beautiful and good.

Marion Cotillard (as Marianne Beauséjour): “Being good at this kind of work is not very beautiful.”

In “Allied,” Brad Pitt teams up with Marion Cotillard for a secret mission during World War II.

It doesn’t take long before they start mixing business and pleasure.

And we learn not everything is what is seems.

Marion Cotillard: “I’ve always had to work and prepare myself and to discover and to explore a character much more than what is actually shown.”

Santa: “You are standing on my spot.”

Billy Bob Thornton (as Willie Soke): “Really? That’s funny — I don’t see your name on it anywhere.”

Billy Bob Thornton is wishing you a miserable Christmas in “Bad Santa 2.”

The movie picks up 13 years after the first one.

And most of the original cast are along for the ride as they plan to rob a charity on Christmas eve.

Billy Bob Thornton: “Comedies are sort of made for sequels, dramas not so much… We wanted to make sure that people who loved the first one got the same essence the same spirit of that one.”

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