Hollywood is celebrating the new year with new movies! Here’s a preview of this week’s releases because it’s Showtime!

Ellen Burstyn (as Elizabeth): “It’s the right thing to do, honey.”

Vanessa Kirby (as Martha): “Because you say it is?”

Ellen Burstyn (as Elizabeth): “She has to pay for her incompetence. We need some justice here!”

Vanessa Kirby (as Martha): “No, you need!”

“Pieces of a Woman” is emotional, raw and heart-wrenching, so Happy New Year, I guess?

Vanessa Kirby stars as a woman grieving after her home birth goes tragically wrong, while also dealing with the legal fallout against her midwife.

Ellen Burstyn (as Elizabeth): “You have to face this.”

Vanessa Kirby (as Martha): “I am facing this. I am facing it! I am facing this!!!”

Clare Dunne (as Sandra): “I want to fix him, you know?”

Tina Kellegher (as Tina): “I know, but there are some people you just can’t.”

Wise words. “Herself” is a drama that follows a young mother trying to rebuild her life after leaving her abusive husband.

Spoiler alert: it’s not a comedy.

Crew (in “Shadow in the Cloud”): “Who the hell are you, Ms. Garrett? What is she here for?! Did you hear that?! What the hell is that racket? There’s something on top of the plane!”

“Shadow in the Cloud” is a good old-fashioned creature feature!

Chloë Grace Moretz stars in the World War II thriller.

She’s flying in a B-17 bomber with a mysterious top-secret package when the crew is suddenly joined by a monster, and you thought baggage fees were rough!

Chloë Grace Moretz (as Maude Garrett): “Strap in!”

Nick Robinson (as Stu Beckell): “Yes ma’am!”

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