Shoot My Travel books picture perfect vacation memories

The good news is we see our vacation photos instantly on our phones. The bad news is every pic has us staring up at our extended arm. But now you can get professional pictures on the road. Deco’s chief shutterbug Chris Van Vliet is here with this “developing” story.

Most souvenirs are just cheesy T-shirts or maybe a shot glass. Now a professional photographer can help you make and keep special memories from your vacation.

Say cheese! Your travel photos are about to get a whole lot better, thanks to Shoot My Travel.

Valerie Lopez, Shoot My Travel: “Shoot My Travel is an online platform that connects photographers and travelers around the world.”

The website and phone app is aiming to be the Uber and Airbnb of travel photography. Book it a few days — or even a few hours — before you want a photo session, and you’ve got a pro on your vacay.

Valerie Lopez
Valerie Lopez


Valerie Lopez: “You select your destination, you select your photographer and book a package. Your photographer will contact you immediately so you can coordinate all the details.”

With over 150 destinations worldwide and more than 300 professional photographers to pick from, you can document memories from Miami to Milan.

Valerie Lopez: “We decided to create Shoot My Travel because when we travel, we end up with boring selfies and poor quality pictures of ourselves.”

No selfie sticks required for these photos.

Lauren Arbolada: “Usually when you travel, you just take pictures yourself, and if you’re just with your couple, you take selfies.”

And since the photographers are from the city you are visiting, your photo session doubles as a sightseeing tour.

Valerie Lopez: “Our photo tours are a mix of photographer and tour guide, so our photographer will give you a suggestion of the places you will go and see and explore in that city.”

Lauren Arbolada: “We wanted something casual, like walking through the city.”

Shoot My Travel lets you book by the hour starting at $195.

Valerie Lopez: “For one hour, you get 15 edited pictures. For two hours, you get 25 edited pictures. For three hours, you get 45 edited pictures.”

And best of all, you get the pics back fast, so you can share them on social media or just keep them for yourself.

Valerie Lopez: “One of our main features is that you get the photos back 24 to 48 hours after the photo tour.”

If you ask us, Shoot My Travel sounds picture perfect.

Valerie Lopez: “Our motto is, pack a photographer, fill your suitcase with memories.”

Shoot My Travel has photographers on six continents, so as long as you aren’t going to Antarctica, they’ve got you covered.

Shoot My Travel

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