The BOX Bag

Yummy python BOX purses by designer, Ximena Kavalekas. 
The first time I saw “The BOX Bag” by purse designer, Ximena Kavalekas, I was truly smitten. Not only was it petite and pretty, it was made out of the most exquisite python skin I’d ever seen. Its shape is a return to old school glamour, leaving behind the “bigger is better” attitude that’s consumed pocket book fashions over the last decade. 
While the bags themselves are intoxicating, they’re nothing compared to the designer herself. Ximena, who burst onto the Miami fashion scene about a year ago, is a complete ray of sunshine, lighting up any space she inhabits. 
The first time we met at her private showroom downtown Miami (where I was interviewing her for Deco Drive,) I was taken with her spectacular smile, larger-than-life personality and her ability to make everyone around her feel important. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a dead ringer for superstar Jennifer Lopez (even prettier, perhaps.) 
With that being said, somehow Ximena has managed to inject those aforementioned special qualities into her luxury purse line and it seems everyone is taking notice. Not only is she draping the Magic City’s fashion elite with different styles of “The BOX Bag” — she’s also working her way into the most glamorous stores in the country. 
At the end of the week, Bergdorf Goodman in New York City is hosting a trunk show in her honor, where Ximena will visit with holiday shoppers, introducing her exclusive line to yet another sophisticated fashion audience. 
It doesn’t seem to get much better than that, except for the fact that actresses like Sofia Vergara (who stars in the hit TV show, “Modern Family,”) regularly posts her favorite Ximena BOX Bag on her Instagram (Vergara has a cool 10.9 million followers.)
While Ximena’s line has the hype of novice newness, her knowledge, designing experience and hard-won wisdom is anything but. She went to fashion school in Italy and has worked in the luxury accessory business for decades. 
During our interview, Ximena easily shares her ups-&-downs in the fashion industry and as she reflects upon her journey, she says she realizes now it’s always been about finding what she calls: “A unique and different idea.” It seems now that’s she’s found it, there’s no stopping her. 
All Ximena Kavalekas handbags are exquisitely handmade; the colors and textures are supple and sophisticated and the linings are luxurious. What’s more, all of her python skins are procured humanely with the backing of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. 
If you’re looking for chic glamour, with an unexpected structured twist, you’ll definitely find it in “The BOX Bag” and that’s why it’s one of my favorite things. Happy Shopping!
You can shop “The BOX Bag” at or make an appointment to visit Ximena’s private showroom, located inside District 900, which is referred to as ‘The Fashion Workspace of Miami’.
Ximena Kavalekas 
District 900
990 Biscayne Boulevard 
4th Floor 
Miami, Florida 33132
IG: @ximenakavalekas 
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James Woodley Photography 
Styling by Jackie Kay 
Purses designed by Ximena Kavalekas 
wardrobe provided by 
Grooming: Odett Hernandez 
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger 
Editor: Matthew “Unique and Different” Auerbach 

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