Seaglass nails: Artist Rose B. shows off hot new manicure trend

New year, new nails — am I right? You gotta keep things fresh for 2020, and a new mani is the way to go. Deco’s checking out a nail trend that’s making waves.

Samuel E. Wright (as Sebastian the Crab, voice of) “Under the sea. Under the sea.”

You don’t have to be a mermaid to get in touch with your aquatic side. here’s a new nail trend that’s making a splash in 2020.

Rose Barron, nail artist: “Seaglass nails was kind of born online. If you look on Instagram right now, it’s really popular. You can see that everybody’s doing it.”

This manicure is meant to resemble the kind of stuff you find on the beach, so it’s all about that frosted, matte look.

Nail artist Rose B. tells Deco it’s perfect for this time of year.

Rose Barron: “Seaglass nails is a really subtle pop of color, but it looks really nice when the light hits them. It’s not too over-the-top, but when you see it, it kind of looks cool. It looks different.”

Rose starts this look by applying extensions to your natural nails.

But don’t worry. There’s no harsh glue involved.

Rose Barron: “They’re applied with gel, so it’s much better for your nails, and also, the removal is very quick.”

Once the nails are shaped, it’s time for the fun part: colors, of course.

Rose Barron: “You definitely want to go with something that is natural, something that you would find on the beach — usually blues, turquoise, greens. Sometimes there’ll be like an orange or a brown.”

To get that frosty, semi-opaque texture, Rose mixes a traditional gel color with clear Japanese gel. She then applies two coats of polish.

But it’s the final step that really brings everything together.

Rose Barron: “To complete the seaglass nail look, we’re gonna apply matte top coat, and that’s really gonna turn it from shiny.”

Cassidy Jordan, customer: “It’s super cool watching the process happen, because literally you put your nails inside the machine, and they come out matte. It’s literally like magic.”

Rose guarantees these nails will last you at least three weeks — so you can totally go with the flow anywhere you want.

Cassidy Jordan: “I absolutely love my nails. Rose is incredibly talented. I don’t even know how she does what she does, but I don’t know anybody else in Miami who can do what she does.”

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