Santa Claus sends holiday shout-outs to kids on Cameo from the North Pole

Pictures on Santa’s lap just aren’t happening this year.

Sorry, Saint Nick, gotta stay socially distanced.

Good thing the fat man is internet-savvy! He’s ready to give you your very own shoutout.

Elf: “Santa!!!! Oh, my God!!!”

Get excited! Feel festive! Santa Claus might not be at the mall this year, but he’s got great Wi-Fi at the North Pole.

Santa Claus: “I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas — ho, ho, hoooo — and a happy new year!”

Jolly old Saint Nick is on Cameo, a website that lets you pay for personalized shoutouts from celebrities.

Arthur Leopold: “Taking pictures with Santa is something we’ve all grown up doing, and unfortunately, we’re just not able to do that this year, so Cameo hopes to inject that magical moment for kids, through this personalized video shoutout.”

Santa Claus: “I want you to keep reading, studying and practicing — and you are going to be a fantastic reader!”

As you can see, the site has a variety of Kris Kringles to choose from, including Puppet Santa!

Puppet Santa: “I’m making a list and checking it twice, you know, to find out who’s been naughty and nice!

Hopefully, you just don’t come across Billy Bob Thornton’s “Bad Santa.”

Mom: “Look who’s here! It’s Santa!”

Billy Bob Thornton (as Bad Santa): “I’m on my lunch break, OK?!”

Make sure that guy gets coal in his stocking!

Requesting a Santa video message is simple.

Arthur Leopold: “You say who the Cameo’s for, and what you want Santa to say. Santa receives that request in the North Pole. He’ll complete it. You’ll then get a personalized video message from Santa.”

Santa Claus: “You are good boys, and I wanna know what you want for Christmas!”

Cameo says their Santa shout outs have been a hit with kids, buuuuuut…

Arthur Leopold: “I don’t think you’re ever too old to talk to Santa!”

We agree.

Santa Claus: “Merry Christmas, Lynn, Shireen and Alex! The top show at the North Pole is Deco Drive! Yeah, that’s my top show! I love it!”

Wow! Thanks, Santa. You’re the best!

Santa Claus: “Merry Christmas!”

The average cost of a Santa shoutout on Cameo is $25.


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