If you had to describe 2020 in one word, “stressful” comes to mind. Usually, you’d get a massage to relax, but these days, all that contact can stress you out even more. Deco’s Mr. Handsy Alex Miranda has found a way to massage without anyone touching you.

This is the VibraSonic Pro — a totally hands-free experience here. All of these vibrations and the sound waves give your whole body an amazing workout.

Miss touching anything, anybody?

Jennifer Hernandez, bodybuilder: “When this pandemic started first, we had to close for three months, and it was the worst three months of my life.”

Yeah, we do, too! But, the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has a solution!

Tammy Pahel, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort: “People are looking for an alternative to wellness. ‘What else can I do if I’m anxious about getting a massage?'”

Answer: Touchless massage! Carillon resident and professional bodybuilder Jennifer Hernandez approves.

Jennifer Hernandez: “Oh, my God. It was, like, amazing!”

And what better place to come?

Tammy Pahel: “Because this is 70,000 square feet, we have 24 treatment rooms.”

Ten for the hands-off experiences, and at 50% capacity, it’s a whole lot of social distancing and stress relief.

Welcome to the Vemi room. This is my favorite room in the whole place. It’s kind of psychedelic. It reminds me a little bit of … very, sort of, outer space, but with the vibro-acoustic technology of these beds, it just immediately puts you in a deep meditative state.

We moved on after I came to.

This is the Rasha. That crazy machine up there sends all of these frequencies into these headphones and onto this waterbed. The whole thing is meant to balance your body and your mind, and they tell me it can also heal past emotional trauma and help you break bad habits, so, I’ll book 10 sessions, please.

Next, it got hot at the Himalayan salt neck and back massage.

It’s 111 degrees deep down in there. There’s an air chamber that inflates and deflates to give you this perfect touchless massage that feels like you’re at the beach, and you might want to make this a part of your regular routine because you don’t want that personality to get too salty.

And Jennifer really is the perfect example.

Jennifer Hernandez: “That’s what 58 looks like when you do good things like this. Like come to the Carillon, the spa. You train. You eat right, yes.”

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has a special when you book four of these touchless experiences.

You can get $40 off, and that comes with beach and pool access.


Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
6801 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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