Miracle Mile meets high tech. There’s something in Coral Gables that’s really, really neat. You can get in touch with nature in the middle of the city. Bring your smartphone, ’cause we’re headed for some AR fun.

Get ready for a reality check in Coral Gables.

Catalina Perez: “On Miracle Mile, people can have 12 different augmented reality experiences. We took photography that we used on the window coverings, and we integrated them into the experiences.”

Augmented reality, or AR, is there. Sort of. You just need a little tech help to see it.

Catalina Perez: “Augmented reality is when there is something that is physically there, but when you scan a code with your phone, then something digital comes up and lets you interact with what’s actually there.”

Here’s how it works.

Catalina Perez: “When people are going down the sidewalk on Miracle Mile, they will see two-foot-wide stickers that give them instructions. You scan a QR code, and a video will come up.”

Asia Ribeiro: “It’s really easy to access, so I can just tap the little thing, and it comes right up. It’s really cool.”

Check out videos, colorful backgrounds or information pop-ups all about nature.

The goal is to have fun and learn a little, too.

Catalina Perez: “The theme for the experiences is the flora and fauna, our local flora and fauna. There is an educational component to three out of the four windows.”

Look at lily pads, or buzz around with bees, birds and…

Catalina Perez: “The experiences, one of them is butterflies, and in the information, we talk about one of the butterflies specifically. What we wanted to do was have it be something that was relatively fast, so you can try on butterfly wings. The next window is orchids.”

The AR series in Coral Gables will be around for a few months. You’re gonna want to check it out.

Asia Ribeiro: “It’s really cool for Instagram. It’s really cool. I think it’s awesome.”

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