What’s old is new again. Two of South Florida’s most popular restaurants are merging into one — and soon, their food will merge with me.

Old school meets new school at Kush by Stephens in Hialeah. The team behind Kush in Miami are putting their funky flair on Stephens Deli, a 57-year-old staple.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher, Kush by Stephens: “Stephens is the oldest Jewish deli in florida, and it was close to my heart. I felt like it was going to die, and I wanted to bring it back to life. Kush by Stephens is basically the best of Kush, the best of a Jewish deli.”

This is a marriage made in restaurant heaven, and the reception is going to have the best food.

Juan Morales: “It’s great. You have all the history of the deli from Stephens, and now you have all the input from Kush.”

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “We have the Kush classics like burgers and beers, and we have the Jewish deli right on top of it to add it to the mix.”

It’s a joyous merging of flavors and cultures. Ya know, the world could learn a thing or two from Kush by Stephens.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “Basically, a ‘Jewban’ sandwich is the best of a Cubano and the best of a Reuben sandwich. The Chili con Platanitos is basically our Hobo Frito Pie, but we use a Miami plantain chips, the Chifles, and that is how we made it Miami-fide.”

Even the croquetas are a twist on the traditional.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “Now we have the goy-ish croquetas, so they are a little goy, but they are -ish. They are the croquetas that you get in our Miami community, but we put the Reuben and the pastrami and corned beef inside, so you get the best of both worlds in there.”

Some of the sandwiches are odes to SoFlo superstars.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “DJ Laz, you gotta give him love. The DJ Laz sandwich is basically a little spicy chicken sandwich. The Johnny Secada is after our homegrown Hialeah favorite Jon Secada, born and raised in Hialeah, and basically that is our hand-sliced pastrami on top of our burger.”

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “If you haven’t been to Hialeah, you’re not really a 305 person, so come to Hialeah and check it out.”

Kush by Stephens
1000 E 16th St.
Hialeah, FL 33010

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