Pandora’s affordable jewelry at Brickell City Center

Giving or getting jewelry as a gift during the holiday season doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be down right reasonable. With the help of our fabulous friends at the new Pandora in the Brickell City Center, we’re getting beautifully bejeweled, with gift ideas for under $100. Tonight, it’s one of Shireen’s Favorite Things.

If you’ve always wanted to gift your girl some beautiful bling, we know just the thing to put under the Christmas tree.

Danny Buergo, Pandora: “We actually are your gift giving destination for the holidays.”

Thanks to our friends at the new Pandora concept store at Brickell City Center Downtown Miami, we found some affordable holiday gifts ready to be given for less than $100.

Danny Buergo: “Now that the temperature is plummeting to 78 degrees here in Miami, you bust out your long sleeves, you don’t have to worry about hiding your bangles or your bracelets.”

Wonderful for our winter weather? These adjustable cuffs, easily worn over your sleeves.

Danny Buergo: “We are even seeing them on your forearm, or just above your elbow. It’s just a really cool, high-fashion way to use your bangles.”

Pearls are always perfect. Not the grandmammy kind, either.

Danny Buergo: “They are being used in a much more high-fashion, edgy way.”

To make them more modern, Pandora mixes its fresh water cultured pearls with different stones and metals.

The asymmetrical earring trend is terrific, too.

Danny Buergo: “We have multiple dangle earrings that you can actually perfectly pair with stud versions. So the idea is to, even though they are asymmetrical, for there still to be a cohesive look and theme behind it.”

If you wanna spend a little more, Pandora has great gift sets.

The Vintage Allure is $150.

Danny Buergo: “That includes a pair of dangle earrings and necklace.”

The Elegance Bracelet set is $195, definitely more bang for your buck.

Danny Buergo: “In addition to getting your bracelet, two clips and a charm, it comes in a beautiful jewelry box that’s great for traveling.”

For the blog I tried three different jewelry looks.

Here, I piled on Pandora’s rose gold. The necklaces are petite and pretty.

I loved the midnight blue because it adds color to any black-tie affair.

And here’s a mixed metal look and a leather one, too.

Danny Buergo: “Here, you’re welcome to open Pandora’s box and shop away.”

Beautifully bejeweled without breaking the bank. Sounds like a Merry Christmas to me, and that’s why it’s one of my favorite things.

If you want to create your own gift set, Pandora has on-site jewelry stylist to help you.



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