Old school flavors meet new technology at In Ramen in South Miami

Ahhh, ramen. A true college staple, but if that’s the only ramen you’re used to, you’re missing out. Deco’s checking out a new spot in town where old school flavors meet new technology.

If mama ever told you not to slurp your soup, she clearly hasn’t stopped by In Ramen in South Miami.

Christopher Porter, In Ramen: “Slurping your noodles is definitely a sign of respect. It’s almost disrespectful if you’re not slurping your ramen because it means that you didn’t enjoy it as much.”

This place has the ramen recipe on lock.

The chef uses flour, water and his hands to knead, roll, pound and stretch the dough into noodles.

Then, he drops them in boiling hot water for just 30 seconds.

Christopher Porter: “These noodles are handmade to order. As soon as your order comes in, we make them right there, so they’re the freshest noodles that you’re gonna get.”

And the best part is you can watch the whole thing happen thanks to the restaurant’s open kitchen area.

Maurice Roura, customer: “It was like an accordion, spaghetti extravaganza. It was amazing. Very cool. I’ve never seen that before.”

Ready for dinner now that you’ve watched the show?

Just grab a seat and take out your phone.

No really, that’s how you order!

Christopher Porter: “All you have to do is open your phone on the camera mode, go over the QR code, and the menu will pop up. Touch the link. It goes directly to the link, and you can order right over your phone and pay. The orders go directly to the kitchen, and the ramen will come out as soon as possible.”

There’s tons of yummy options you can get with your ramen like pork belly, smoked brisket and freshly-made beef short rib. If you’re vegetarian, you can’t go wrong with with the mushroom ramen.

Maurice Roura: “This is a far cry from what I had back in college for sure.”

Mayra Heredia, customer: “Seeing them make the noodles and then having it fresh, the softness, the texture, it really made a huge difference in any ramen I’ve ever had.”

The fun’s not over yet.

Remember when we told you it’s okay to slurp?

Christopher Porter: “If you go on social media and you take a picture of you slurping your broth, you get a free shot of sake, either hot or cold.”

Videos are totally encouraged too.

Just make sure to use the hashtag #SlurpYourBroth.

Cheers to that!


In Ramen
5829 SW 73rd St., Suite 5B
South Miami, FL 33143

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