New Miami Heat Dancers

Basketball season is still months away, but the hardwood was heating up at the AAA. That’s because a new batch of wanna-be Miami Heat dancers are showing us what they’ve got.

Heat the competition!

And it was fierce at the AAA Friday night.

The new Miami Heat dancers squad was announced.

Daisy, dancer: “I am so, so grateful to be here and to call my name and for my family to be here. And to be selected to part of this amazing team. I’m really happy.”

Forty Heat hopefuls went through four days of bootcamp that ended with an interview session and time to shine…

The ladies strutted and danced with all that they’ve got.

Natalia, coach: “Each year we have amazing dancers, but I think this year everyone had a fire when they danced. And the sexiness and the sensuality that some of these dancers have when they are on the court dancing are second to none.”

Chloe, dancer: “I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been wanting this for so long and I thought one day I will be on that court as a Miami Heat dancer.”

And after the dips, kicks and turns … four judges made a slam dunk with the new squad.

Natalia, coach: “I just picked a humongous squad of 25 girls. It’s going to be an amazing season. I feel the talent I have this year. Women I have this year, it’s going to make it an easy ride for everybody.”

This year’s squad is make up of 15 veterans — and 10 newbies.

Chloe, dancer: “What I am most looking forward to are the rehearsals, to get close to the girls on my team and the big energetic games, just being able to perform in front of Miami.”

These women are on fire. Go Heat!

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