An imperfect best-friendship is on full display in a new Netflix series — and, no, we’re not talking about Lynn and Shireen. “Firefly Lane” starts streaming Wednesday, but our third wheel, Alex Miranda, has the story right now.

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke star in the new drama. It shows their friendship through three decades of highs and lows, but their real-life friendship just started, so I found out how that’s going.

Two unlikely friends.

Roan Curtis (as Young Kate): “Boys are idiots.”

One lifetime bond.

Sarah Chalke: “The music might have changed with the decades.”

Katherine Heigl (as Tully Hart): “But the promises made on Firefly Lane remained.”

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke star in the new Netflix series, “Firefly Lane,” based on the popular book. No, they’re not in scrubs again.

This time, Sarah plays Kate, a shy mom, while Katherine is Tully, a broadcast journalist who’s a little extra.

Katherine Heigl (as Tully Hart): “Live from Seattle, this is Tully Hart.”

Alex Miranda: “This character, and maybe it’s because I’m a broadcast journalist, but it was so deliciously, perfectly imperfect.”

Katherine Heigl: “I felt like, as I came in to film, I just had a mental image of Tully, and that’s sort of the beauty and the blessing of getting to play a character that is from a novel.”

Alex: “She just reminded me so much of myself so many times.”

Katherine Heigl: “Oh, really?” (laughs)

Alex Miranda: “And I was just like, ‘Man, this is just spot on!'”

From their teens to their 40s, these besties support each other through it all, including tragedy, but this isn’t just some Kumbaya story. There are fallouts, and even jealousy.

Sarah Chalke: “It’s my favorite part about the show, is how real and authentic and messy and imperfect and complex these two women are, and that their friendship is. At the bottom of it all, these two women are family. They love each other. and they’re going to be there for each other no matter what.”

And a new friendship formed on set. Katherine told me they didn’t really know each other before shooting, but now…

Katherine Heigl: “Sarah is so many things, and she is the best storyteller. She can rap the entire song. You know every word of…”

Sarah Chalke: “‘Shoop!’ And ‘Baby Got Back.’ That’s my era.”

As for Katherine.

Sarah Chalke: “Oh, my God, how fun she is! Katie loves to laugh. how kind and disarming she is. I met her, and then the next day, I told her my life’s story.”

“Firefly Lane” starts streaming on Netflix on Wednesday.

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