Comfort food and veganism. The two things don’t usually go together, but a new South Florida restaurant is serving up Latin staples without any meat. It’s unique cuisine in a unique spot.

Something’s cookin’ in this stationary food truck located underneath the 112/Airport Expressway in Miami.

Melissa Guzman, owner: “The Spanglish Vegan is considered transitional vegan food, so it’s Latin Caribbean favorites, but we ‘veganize’ it and give it the textures and flavors that your mom would cook.”

Latin comfort food that’s vegan?

Sounds too good to be true, but this is the real deal.

Melissa Guzman: “We just want to teach people that you can be vegan and still have hearty favorites.”

One of those hearty favorites is a Piña Colada, which is completely different than the drink.

Melissa Guzman: “Our mascot is called the Piña Colada, which is a caved-in fresh pineapple with coconut rice inside, and then you get a cauliflower chicken chunks — or ‘chicken chunks’ — and it’s in a jalapeno pineapple sauce.”

There’s also staples like empanadas and rellenos, or a traditional Latin meal they call Mami’s Cooking.

Melissa Guzman: “It’s rice, picadillo, your maduros and your ensalada.”

The meat substitute is a soy protein called biff.

Chaise Hinds, customer: “I ordered the Mami’s Cooking. I’ve been a vegan for a while, so I probably would’ve known, but it’s convincing that it’s beef.”

The menu is a hit even with customers who aren’t on a meatless diet.

Shomara Garcia, customer: “I’m a loyal customer. I’m not a vegan. However, yes, this is my style of food, just minus the meat.”

Kristina Popova, customer: “It’s delicious. I am not vegan, but I love food, so as long as the food is good, I can eat anything!”

Come for the food, stay for Cairo.

She’s the restaurant’s very good doggie manager.

Melissa Guzman: “Cairo comes in every day. She socializes. She’s a part of customer service.”

Who said customer service was dead?


The Spanglish Vegan
3210 NW 41st St.
Miami, FL 33142

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