There’s something about a unique bag that can carry you — from day to night, the red carpet or a dinner — that every girl loves. Deco has found just the one, and Shireen is already a huge fan.

Mercedes Brunelli: “Like any girl, I love glitz, glam and bling.”

Mercedes Brunelli is putting art in the palm of your hands.

Mercedes Brunelli: “I wanted to be in art, I wanted to design like very avant-garde showpieces, and it kind of just worked out that I can do that now with bags.”

The native New Yorker gave us a behind-the-scenes look at her lookbook photo shoot, and she’s making an imprint on the fashion world — one handbag at a time.

Mercedes Brunelli: “My one line’s all Swarovski crystals.”

Not about the bling?

Mercedes Brunelli: “My second line is, I wanted to be more funky and trendy, so I have things with everyday objects, like CDs or bottle caps, just fun stuff.”

For example:

Mercedes Brunelli: “This is made out of a CD.”

Her signature and patent-trademark bag has fashionistas roaring for more.

Mercedes Brunelli: “It’s just so fierce, it’s timeless. It’s just that one statement bag that’s never gonna go out of style.”

Her designs are all one-of-a-kind works of art, like this style that was inspired by New York Fashion Week.

Mercedes Brunelli: “I literally just took paint, started splattering and doing my own graffiti, and just kind of made my own little New York City bag.”

Not into all that color? How about carrying champagne bubbles this holiday season?

Mercedes Brunelli: “It’s like that statement go-to. It’s perfect for the holidays. And you can wear it with anything, ’cause you can wear silver or gold, so that’s why a lot of women really love it.”

Each bag is handmade and costs from $200 to $1,200, and they come with two chains — which makes them quite versatile.

Mercedes Brunelli: “You can go to the mall, you can wear jeans and some cute pumps and have this as your statement bag, so it’s perfect for day to night. You can go to a red carpet event or dinner and drinks with a girlfriend.”

And wearing them will literally be like carrying masterpieces.

Mercedes Brunelli: “It’s like you get to walk around with a piece of art.”

Want to get your hands on one? Just head to

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