Matthew McConaughey transforms himself for ‘Gold’

(WSVN) - Finding gold is hard. And as the movie “Gold” shows us — keeping it is even harder. Deco golden boy Chris Van Vliet is here with more.

Matthew McConaughey (as Kenny Wells): “Right here, Indonesia, that’s where we’ll find the gold.”

Matthew McConaughey is Kenny Wells in this true life story. He’s a struggling businessman whose life changes when he finds gold in Indonesia.

Matthew McConaughey (as Kenny Wells): “Look!”

Edgar Ramirez (as Michael Acosta): “We got a gold mine.”

Matthew McConaughey (as Kenny Wells): “We got a gold mine. screams!”

Now you may notice, Matthew looks a little different than we’re used to. On top of that awesome new hair style, he also gained 40 pounds for this role.

Matthew McConaughey: “I gave myself the pleasure of saying, ‘You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You can drink whatever you want, whenever you want for four months.’ Go for it.”

Even Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays his wife, was impressed by the transformation.

Bryce Dallas Howard: “Like Matthew would walk into a room and he’d be in costume and he’d have the teeth in and he’s shaved his head and it’s like, ‘OK, we’re in ‘Gold.'”

Matthew McConaughey (as Kenny Wells): “For better or worse the ride had begun and what a ride.”

Finding gold is one thing. Getting it out is another. So Kenny teams up with a geologist played by Edgar Ramirez.

Edgar Ramirez: “They become friends, very good friends despite the fact that they are so different and they have such different backgrounds.”

Corey Stoll (as Brian Woolf): “We believe you’re sitting on the largest gold find of the decade.”

Corey Stall: “The movie is about capitalism both in how it has defined America and our relationship to the rest of the world.”

And they quickly find out that everyone wants a piece of that gold — including the Indonesian government and Wall Street.

Bryce Dallas Howard (as Kay): “These people are using you.

Matthew McConaughey (as Kenny Wells): “They can’t just take it away.”

Matthew McConaughey: “The story for me is really about what a man will do to keep his dream alive. How far will he go and he’ll go all the way.”

Matthew says while he was gaining all that weight for the movie, his family gave him the nickname “Captain Fun” because every night was pizza and cheeseburgers and beer.

“Gold” is in theaters Jan. 27.

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