Grab your appetite and the lemon butter. A popular lobster roll place is now in South Florida. For the story, here’s Alex Miranda, the man who’s found many uses for hot melted butter.

I thought we had an understanding that that was a private conversation!

Anyway, lobster lovers, brace yourselves because this new restaurant is a lot to handle. It’s lobster overload in the best possible way.

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls at Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami has us shell shocked!

Ivette Mainquist, owner: “The idea behind Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls is a fast casual lobster roll concept, where we bring high-quality lobster meat to Miami.”

They started in Annapolis, Maryland and now have locations in six states, plus D.C.

This is their first South Florida spot, and this is popular lobster!

Ivette Mainquist: “We use top quality products. The lobster is sourced directly from Maine. We also have a lot of tourism in this area where we are. Ihave a lot of folks coming in just looking for Maine lobster.”

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls has your familiar classic roll.

Ivette Mainquist: “We prepare it with lemon butter and mayo, and we give it a special spice.”

Connecticut rolls are similar, but the lobster meat is warmed up.

Rey Perez, customer: “It has a lot of lobster, so it’s awesome, awesome. The butter — everything’s good.

But look at all of these! Who knew you could make so many types of lobster rolls?

There’s a lobster salad roll or you can pig out with a lobster BLT roll!

Sivanah Jorge, customer: “I’d never tried a bacon, lettuce, tomato lobster roll. It’s fresh. It’s juicy. It’s buttery.”

If you’re a lobster lover but want something other than a roll, there’s — oh my — lobster mac ‘n cheese and lobster bisque.

Ivette Mainquist: “The lobster bisque is also one of our favorites here. You can top it off with extra lobster meat.”

I think a warm South Florida welcome is in order for Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls!

Sivanah Jorge: “It’s a good addition to the Miami portfolio of seafood and dining options. It’s refreshing.”

There’s no indoor seating, so you can eat outside, or it’s great to just grab and go.


Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls
401 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132

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