Malanga owners, customers react to Shawn Mendes’ glowing review of Cuban restaurant

When it comes to good Cuban food, Miami knows what’s cooking.

One Cuban restaurant got rave reviews, but not from a food critic… from Grammy nominee, Shawn Mendes!

Malanga Cuban Cafe in Pinecrest is a neighborhood spot.

Tony Vias, owner: “Its’ a little tiny restaurant, very boutique style.”

The folks at Malanga like to say their food is home cooking, ’cause it’s the same stuff they’re cooking at home.

Tony Vias, owner: “Everything is made here, nothing is frozen. Our beans we make from scratch, croquettes, make it from scratch.

Sounds delish!

But if a Deco recommendation isn’t enough to get you to stop by, how about an A-list musician’s?

Shawn Mendes: “What’s up? it’s Shawn Mendes.”

During quarantine, Shawn Mendes was hanging out in town with his gal pal, Miami’s own, Camilla Cabello.

Shawn Mendes: “My favorite place to order food from right now currently from Postmates in Miami is Malanga.”

Shawn fell in love with one of Camilla’s family’s favorite spots and gave them a shout out on social media!

Shawn Mendes: “During this time, I think it’s incredibly important to take care of each other and order food locally from businesses in your city you live in.”

Tony Vias, owner: “Camilla’s family comes all the time. As a matter of fact, my little ones have pictures with Camilla, and they enjoy that.”

A famous person stopping by is one thing but posting it on social media is another!

Tony Vias, owner: “When we found out about the post Shawn Mendes had done, we were ecstatic.”

Daniela Rodriguez: “When I saw what Shawn posted, it was scary because I live two minutes from there. I could see him. Maybe if I go, I could meet him. It’s kind of freaky.”

Shawn isn’t the only celeb who loves Malanga.

Christian Slater, Jon Secada, and tennis star Martina Navratilova are fans too, and their photos line the walls of the restaurant.

Tony Vias, owner: “We are very flattered that all these celebrities end up showing up to Malanga.”

Shawn got Malanga delivered, but now that dining rooms are open, maybe we can convince him to stop by.

After all, he loves the food, and he wants us all to love it, too.

Shawn Mendes: “Take care of the people in your community.”


Malanga Cuban Cafe

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