Lingerie art at Miami Art Week

Monday is the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and proving that underwear is now over the top, Deco found an art exhibit that wants you to get intimate with intimates.

It’s Miami Art Week, and the Sagamore Hotel on South Beach is at the heart of the art.

Ronit Ben-Josef Neuman: “The Sagamore has been part of the art world for the past 20 years.”

Last night, the iconic hotel kicked off its Miami Art Week exhibit titled “Femme Fatale.”

Ronit Ben-Josef Neuman: “It’s an exhibit about women and the evolution of lingerie, art and women.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there was lots to behold at the bash.

From sculptures to statues, graffiti to graphic design, “Femme Fatale” showcases women, women artists and women in art.

Cece Feinberg: “It’s about the female form and beauty and how to become more beautiful.”

One of the highlights is all about undies. The “Lingerie Francaise” exhibit uncovers unmentionables.

Cece Feinberg: “Lingerie Francaise is a lingerie exhibition showcasing 150 years retrospective of French lingerie.”

You can check out a hundred pieces of lingerie from a variety of French brands.

Cece Feinberg: “I think one of the most interesting pieces is a corset from the 1800s. It’s one of the oldest and most intricate pieces in the collection.”

You can learn about the lingerie through videos, 3D holograms and the pieces on the walls and mannequins.

Cece Feinberg: “You can do a self tour. You just bring your phone, download the app and do a QR code and then you can be walked through the entire collection by our curator.”

Here you’ll spot bras with buttons and some with bright colors.

It’s all about intimates.

Visitor: “I actually enjoy lingerie and I think it’s something women can play around with and enjoy seeing different kinds of lingerie.”

If you want to get briefed on briefs, head over to the Sagamore until Tuesday.

The exhibit is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. — and it’s free — so you can spend your own money on your own lingerie.

It runs until Tuesday, December 6th.

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