Lady Gaga gives behind-the-scenes peek at Super Bowl Halftime Show

While the Puppy Bowl is cute, the Halftime Show is gonna be fierce. Lady Gaga is gonna raise the roof, and she’s giving us a look at what’s in store for Super Bowl Sunday.

Lady Gaga is giving us reason to believe she’s head over heels about her upcoming Super Bowl Halftime performance. The singer posted a video on Instagram of her and her mom doing cartwheels in the end zone after rehearsing in Houston.

And before she takes center stage at Sunday’s big game, Gaga got a little candid in a radio interview.

Lady Gaga: “I don’t want to say anything or give anything away, specifically, about what you will see during the Halftime Show, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone else.”

While she didn’t discuss every trick she has up her sleeve, Lady G did confirm one very high rumor.

Lady Gaga: “My sister was like, ‘I know. Let’s suspend you in the air.'”

You heard right. She is going to enter NRG Stadium through the roof. Or maybe she’ll raise it.

Gaga says her team, dubbed House of Gaga, is aiming to bring the best show-stopping moments during the biggest game of the year. She says teaming up with the NFL is anything but a bad romance.

Lady Gaga: “They’ve been super supportive, and they’ve been there every day at the rehearsal space with us and cheering me on while I rehearse, and it’s been really great.”

The Grammy Award winner isn’t just making a halftime appearance at Super Bowl 51.

Lady Gaga: “I always want to be challenging the status quo. It’s who I am.”

Gaga will also bling it on in this Super Bowl commercial from Tiffany and Co.

Lady Gaga: “I’m coming for you.”

Come Sunday, you can be sure Lady Gaga will have on her game face — and her poker face, too.

Lady Gaga: “I will tell you that it’s gonna be fantastic.”

We don’t doubt that!

You can catch Mother Monster, and the game, and seven and a half hours of pre-game coverage this Sunday, right here on 7. It all starts at 11 a.m., and kickoff is set for 6:30.

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