We are well into spooky season, which means it’s the perfect time for a good murder mystery movie. Deco’s chief investigator, Alex Miranda, is here to crack open a new film case. The question: did they or didn’t they do it?

The game’s afoot, and it’s up to Adam Brody to piece together the clues in the new movie “The Kid Detective.”

Adam Brody (as Abe Applebaum): “So what can I help you with?”

Sophie Nélisse (as Caroline): “Somebody murdered my boyfriend.”

Adam Brody (as Abe Applebaum): “Seriously?”

Sophie Nélisse (as Caroline): “Pretty seriously. He was stabbed 17 times.”

Adam Brody is on the case in “The Kid Detective.”

Adam Brody (as Abe Applebaum): “When you answer a question like that, your memory becomes extremely selective. You’re really telling me who you trust the least.”

The actor plays Abe, a former child prodigy super sleuth, who’s now living in the shadow of his former self.

Adam Brody: “Everyone can relate to dreams unfulfilled and promise unfulfilled, or just the realities of adulthood. It’s rarely like you exactly thought it would be or pictured it when you were a child.”

Abe’s a mess, but everything changes when he gets his first murder case.

OK, Adam. The jig is up! What kind of detective are you: inquisitive or perceptive?

Adam Brody: “I think I have a pretty good EQ.”

That means emotional intelligence, by the way.

Adam Brody: “I think I’m pretty good at kinda gauging people’s emotion and human connection.”

Adam not only walks the walk, he gets to talk the talk, because his character busts out tons of old school detective lingo.

Adam Brody: “He has a very vintage throwback language, and there’s a naïveté to every character. There’s a lot of fun with that, and yeah, I love the language.”

Writer and director Evan Morgan tells Deco the things Abe says and does give us insight into his state of mind.

Evan Morgan, writer-director, “The Kid Detective”: “This is contemporary. It’s just that this character is still sorta stuck in the past. He’s sort of a very analog guy.”

Know who’s not living in the past? Adam Brody. The dad of two says parenthood has definitely heightened his senses.

Adam Brody: “It feels like I just like have a strong awareness of sharp corners.”

But he says the cool part is explaining things to his kids, which is kinda like breaking down whodunit in a mystery movie.

Adam Brody: “That’s a very fun thing to do to try and streamline the info and distill it how they can understand it and explain it, even for yourself.”

“The Kid Detective” is in theaters now.

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