Kate Beckinsale has anger issues and revenge on her mind. That means trouble for all the bad dudes out there. The actress is getting payback for the murder of a friend in the movie “Jolt.” She’s telling Deco about the electrifying new action-thriller.

Kate Beckinsale’s got a jolt of energy … and not the kind you get from a strong cup of coffee.

Kate Beckinsale (as Lindy): “I’ve got this condition. It makes me snap.”

Jai Courtney (as Justin): “Like Tourette’s?”

Kate Beckinsale (as Lindy): “Just a tiny bit more … intense.”

In “Jolt,” she plays a woman who is, uh, kind of controlling her extremely violent tendencies with electrical shocks. I guess talk therapy didn’t help.

Kate Beckinsale (as Lindy): “I’m going to find who did this.”

Stanley Tucci (as Dr. Munchin): “If you go down that path, you are never, ever going to get back.”

Kate Beckinsale: “I love the fact that she’s so sassy. She talks back, she fights back, and the mix of anger and action and humor, I really, really liked.”

Jai Courtney loves his role He plays Kate’s friend in the movie.

Jai Courtney (as Justin): “I’m sorry if I seem kinda boring.”

Kate Beckinsale (as Lindy): “Thank you for apologizing. I am quite bored.”

Jai Courtney: “I don’t often get to play the sweet, tender, gentle type, and Justin, as we meet him, certainly kind of fits that bill.”

Laverne Cox (as Detective Nevin): “Sounds like your guy was involved in some pretty sketchy business.”

And Laverne Cox seemed to love working with Kate.

Laverne Cox: “I didn’t know how funny Kate was, I knew that she was a brilliant dramatic actress; she’s hilarious. The first time she pulled a gun on me, and [director] Tanya [Wexler] said ‘cut,’ I was like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s so cool.'”

Kate’s character isn’t a superhero, so we won’t be seeing her in “The Avengers” … but that doesn’t make her any less badass.

Kate Beckinsale: “She doesn’t have kind of special powers. She doesn’t have – you know what I mean? She’s a person, so I didn’t want it to be too slick. I wanted it to be pretty rough and ready and, yeah, she’s fairly violent, but she’s efficient, and you know what she chooses to go for.”

Kate Beckinsale (as Lindy): “Ooh, seriously? Are you going to make me go through the whole face-stomping, bone-breaking, making-a-mess routine? OK, fine.”

“Jolt” is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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