Juice bars are pretty much a dime a dozen around SoFlo. Been there, done that! But one of newest spots on Miami Beach features a special ingredient in its drinks — love. Deco’s human juicer Chris Van Vliet is here to explain.

Shireen, you’re right. Miami is littered with juice bars, but for one, this place has a great name. Plus, they’re going to some painstaking lengths to make sure their product is top notch.

At this new juice bar on Miami Beach, it’s what’s inside that counts — inside the drinks, that is.

Bodhi Bonacci: “What makes us different is the quality that we use. The quality of ingredients, not the quantity of ingredients that we use.”

You know what else is different about this place? The name. It’s LOVJuice.

Get your mind out of the gutter — this is an innocent juice bar!

Bodhi Bonacci: “Living, organic, vegetables. I can see where the connotation would come from.”

Put it this way — there’s a lot of love that goes into the making of these juices.

Bodhi Bonacci: “There’s a lot of love, a lot of knowledge, a lot of care. We try to choose things that are easier for the body to assimilate.”

That’s why this place heavily relies on coconuts to make their signature LOVmylk, featured in many of the drinks here.

After the coconut water is drained, the coconut meat is scooped out and soaked in alkaline water overnight.

Bodhi Bonacci: “It absorbs everything, then helps you flush it out, so this basically is like a food enhancer, but naturally enhancing the food.”

A spin in the blender finally completes the milk-making process, and now you’re ready to add some fruit and drink up.

Geneviv Morales: “It’s super refreshing, very sweet but it’s not like overbearingly sweet.”

Janie Hayes: “It tastes really refreshing, but it doesn’t taste guilty.”

Black garlic in your juice is also refreshing.

Yeah, we’re being serious.

LOVJuice’s menu will soon include a drink featuring black garlic mixed into the LOVmylk.

Jessica Courtney: “In a smoothie? I’ve never had it, but it’s delicious, and you don’t taste garlic. I just taste sweet, delicious strawberry pineapple.”

And keep in mind — they’re organic, kosher, vegan, plant-based and gluten free.

How many more adjectives do you want?! Yet the taste isn’t compromised.

Geneviv Morales: “You can tell that it’s a process worth doing because the flavor, the outcome and the result is great.”

LOVJuice also has food options, like vegan pad thai and tacos.

They’re planning on holding their grand opening in September.


948 W 40th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 397-8471

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