Juanes debuts first English song on new album

(WSVN) - Even if you don’t know much about Latin music, you’ve probably heard of Juanes. The music star is known for his edgy voice, good looks and his killer solos on the guitar. And last night he unveiled his most recent high note.

He’s been making Spanish hits for decades. Now, Colombian singing sensation Juanes has written and produced his first English track, “Goodbye for Now.”

Juanes: “‘Goodbye for Now’ is kind of pop-rock song with a little bit of electronic. It’s a love song.”

The song is part of his latest album, which includes a visual component, that can be downloaded on all platforms like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

Juanes: “Like a movie kind of thing, you know? Twelve songs, 12 videos. It’s the story of an astronaut that comes to Earth in this current time and is looking for the love of his life.”

And the English song wraps up the album.

Juanes: “‘Goodbye for Now’ is the end of the visual album, where the astronaut is saying goodbye to the girl because he’s’ taking the ship to space.”

Juanes debuted the album ahead of its May release — and “Goodbye for Now” at a private waterfront concert at the Perez Art Museum.

Juanes: “The whole concept of the album is a mix of organic elements, like real drums, real guitar with electronic grooves and electronic sounds.”

And he had the crowd on its feet.

The Grammy Award-winner says it may have taken him a while to get comfortable singing in English, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Juanes: “It took me a lot of time to make it happen, but I feel really comfortable, and I really love the song.”


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