John Legend takes on acting in ‘La La Land’

John Legend became a first-time dad in April, and that’s given him some inspiration for a new album. Now he’s adding a new role to his list of many talents: actor.

John Legend: “I thought this would be a great opportunity to transition into a little more acting.”

John Legend is taking his talents to the big screen. His debut? Alongside Ryan Gosling in “La La Land.”

John Legend (as Keith): “How are you gonna be a revolutionary if you’re such a traditionalist? You’re holding onto the past, but jazz is about the future.”

It’s a role he says he felt comfortable taking on, given his high school career in musical theater.

“I looked at the script and said, ‘OK I think I could do this. I think I want to get involved.’ So I wrote the songs, started to executive produce and started taking acting lessons, and guitar lessons, too.”

But that’s not all the music Legend is up to these days.

John Legend (singing): ”I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone.”

His fifth album, called “Darkness and Light,” was released this month.

John Legend: “I feel like it’s my most honest, and musically, I feel like we assembled an all-star team to help surround the music, surround the songs, with the right music, and I’m really proud of it. ”

Maybe that’s because he now has two muses — his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their daughter, Luna Simone.

John Legend: “This is my best album to date, and the reason why I think it is, is because it captures who I am more than any of my previous albums, kind of the breadth of who I am, as a father, as a husband, someone thinking about the world around us.”

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