John Cena plays gentle bull in ‘Ferdinand’

John Cena is quite the gentle giant, so is his character in the new animated movie “Ferdinand.” John laid the smackdown on Deco while he visited the 305 this afternoon.

John Cena (as Ferdinand): “Achoo! Sorry!”

“Ferdinand” stars WWE superstar and actor John Cena as the voice of Ferdinand.

He’s a big, strong bull that’s very much a lover, not a fighter.

Bobby Cannavale (as Valiente): “You finally ready to fight?! C’mon!”

John Cena (as Ferdinand): “I am not a fighting bull!”

But when he’s mistaken for a fighting bull and taken away from his peaceful, domestic life, he must decide whether he wants to stay true to himself — or change his ways to fit in.

Jerrod Carmichael (as Paco): “Chickens are chickens, dogs are dogs, and –”

John Cena (as Ferdinand): “Bulls are bulls.”

Jerrod Carmichael (as Paco): “Yeah, right. Normal.”

“Ferdinand” is all about not judging a bull by its cover.

Cena tells Deco the biggest misconception about him stems from his career as a wrestler.

John Cena: “We often blur the lines so much that you think that a superstar is just what you see on ‘Monday Night Raw’ or ‘Smackdown.’ There could be a lot more there.”

One of the mottos John is known for is “never give up,” which is perfect! That’s another phrase the movie personifies.

John Cena: “It’s great to be able to try so hard to live by a certain code in one entity, and have people know you from that, and then be able to showcase almost a similar message in such a wonderful story.”

Since it’s based on the classic children’s book “The Story of Ferdinand,” John explained what his favorite book was as a kid.

John Cena: “‘Cars and Trucks and Things That Go’ — simply for the fact that I love cars and trucks and things that go.”

Then we talked shop about wrestling.

John Cena: “I could talk to you for days about it.”

He practically did. One question, and a five-minute answer later, he was still just getting started.

John Cena: “You guys are just gonna have to bare with me because I love to talk about this, so, you’re getting bonus time.”

It looks like Cena is staying true to who he is, just like “Ferdinand.”

Like how we tied that all together?

John Cena (as Ferdinand): “Sorry I almost killed you! Ow!”

“Ferdinand” charges into theaters Dec. 15.

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