Think you know a thing or two about music? Well, game on. Fox’s “Beat Shazam” is back. Jamie and Corinne Foxx are telling Deco all about how they’re raising the stakes for Season 4.

Jamie Foxx: “Welcome to Beat Shazam! One of the things that I love about this show is that we give away so much money.”

Make some noise! Jamie and Corinne Foxx are back for a brand-new season of Fox’s hit series “Beat Shazam.”

That means more music, more dance parties, more guessing and, of course, more money to give away.

Corinne Foxx: “This season, we have a $2 million episode, so we can give away each – each contestant can go home a millionaire.”

Jamie Foxx: “Two million dollars this year on ‘Beat Shazam,’ for just identifying songs that play on the radio. You cannot find a show that has that much potential to just blow up.”

Corinne is the show’s DJ, and she says it’s hard not to jump in and help the contestants out.

Corinne Foxx: “We have contestants that have the greatest stories. They’re the best human beings around, and so, they’re so deserving. You want to give them the money so bad, and me in the DJ booth, I’m back there, I know the song title, I just want to be like, ‘Let me just tell you what it is!’ Because you want them to win.”

Jamie and Corinne are also excited about all the music and artists they get to feature every week.

Jamie Foxx: “The music that we’re allowed to be played, we’ve got Rihanna, Beyoncé you know?”

Corinne Foxx: “I don’t know if we’re allowed to say this.”

And they’re constantly impressed with how contestants bring their a-game.

Jamie Foxx: You’ll see people from, like, you would think that they would listen to this type of music, but they know it all, so that’s what’s really dope about the show, is the fact that we got great contestants that know every nook and cranny of every genre.”

Keep your TV on 7. The Season 4 premiere of “Beat Shazam” is coming up right after Deco.

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